Remember that leaving a comment is a privilege, not a right. 3 minutes read

Comments are accepted and encouraged on this site, but they may be censored or removed in certain cases. The terms of service for the website apply to comments. Violations of this policy may result in the deletion of comments and/or the blocking of commentators from commenting or access to the blog altogether.

Disclaimer: All Rights Reserved. Any and all comments may be edited, deleted, moved, or flagged as spam by the blog's owner. The blog owner has the authority to prevent anybody or any group from commenting or from accessing the whole site.
Comment Form Requirements: A genuine or authentic sounding name and URL must be entered into the comment box. Keywords, spam or splog-like URLs, and questionable material in the comment form will be removed. Your remark will not be updated; instead, it will be removed entirely.
Links: If you leave a remark and wish to point to a link on your own or someone else's site that is related to the subject, please do so. However, keep in mind that the link should be useful and provide value to the site and its visitors. This site is set up to hold any remark containing more than one link in moderation, which may delay the appearance of your comment.
Thank you very much Remarks: Superficial comments that seem to be an effort to get a hyperlink or to bypass comment moderation will be removed.
Copyright/Plagiarism: If it is discovered that a remark includes proprietary, copyrighted, or plagiarised material, the comment will be removed, and the commenter may be barred from commenting in the future.
Email Privacy: Email addresses are needed for commenting but are not published or shared on the site. They may be used by the blog owner to contact the commenter privately.
Commenter Privacy & Protection: Comments including email addresses, physical mail addresses, phone numbers, or any other private or sensitive information will be removed as quickly as possible to preserve the affected party's privacy. Never disclose confidential information in blog comments to avoid such editing.
Attachments: If you wish to submit a picture or a workbook, please upload it to a file-sharing site like Photobucket (for photos) or SkyDrive (for files) and link to it in your remark. Keep in mind that if your remark includes links, it may be stored. Please do not upload screenshots of VBA code; instead, copy and paste it into the comment.
Language and Manners: Comments that include abusive or improper language, or are deemed rude and disrespectful by the site administrator, will be removed. Comments that criticise Microsoft are especially vexing (while asking for help with a Microsoft product). Personal attacks are not allowed in the comments section of this blog in the spirit of fair play. You may debate or criticise the content, but you may not attack the blogger or any other comments. Failure to respect other blog participants may result in removal and restricted access.
What Should You Do If Your Comment Doesn't Appear: Please bear with us. It is not always possible to accept comments straight away. Please do not resubmit the same remark unless you believe your original comment was incorrectly submitted the first time.
Multiple Comments on the Same Article: A series of related comments on the same blog post (typically one after the other) may be merged into a single remark.
Unrelated Comments: If a remark is irrelevant to a particular topic, it may be relocated to another relevant post if feasible. If no suitable post is identified, the post may be removed.
Remark Spam: Any comment that is suspected of being spam will be removed and tagged as spam. It will also be reported to services like Project Honeypot, Botscout, and/or Stop Forum Spam.
All comments on this site are the exclusive responsibility of the individual commenter. By leaving a comment on this blog, you acknowledge that the content of the remark is your own and that you will hold this site, Jimmy Pea, and any subsidiaries and agents free from any and all ramifications, damages, or responsibility.
Trackbacks Are Comments: All trackbacks will be handled in accordance with our Comment Policy.
Remember that leaving a comment is a privilege, not a right.

Last updated on: 15 September, 2021