What Happened To Analytique.Pro?

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What happened to https://analytique.pro.

So, analytique.pro is our first release. After getting feedback from our early-stage users, we found out that we had several issues, the main issue is the website's name.

So, after discussing it with my team, we took this step to rebrand our website and add new features, like a support desk, UI/UX, and Popup Notification. We started rebranding it back in October. 

We are three groups of people, and we have only one developer who takes care of everything you see now on wappkit; it takes longer than expected.

But for our existing customers, we have announced this rebranding notification on our site, and on December 6, 2021, we will send an email to all current customers to get back their accounts on WappKit. 

We are still busy with documentation, knowledgebase, and a few other things related to wappkit, but we assure you that you won't be disappointed in the future.

Please follow the below steps to get your subscription you are using on Analytique.pro :-

We have already added the emails (same as the ones from which you received this mail) into our system, which you used in Analytique.pro

Last updated on: 26 January, 2022